Reid with Hay House Founder, Louise Hay

I am the president and CEO of Hay House where I have worked for the past 25 years helping Louise Hay build Hay House from a small specialist publisher of 3 books and 5 audio tapes into the largest publisher of self-empowerment products in the world with offices in Carlsbad, CA, New York City , London, Sydney, New Delia, and Johannesburg.

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Okay, so you love to write and your lifelong dream is to publish a book. You have a message that you truly believe the world needs to hear.You know in your heart that your writing is so much better than some of the books you’ve read lately on the bestseller list.

But things aren’t what they used to be.

Now, there are all kinds of publishing avenues—you can do it yourself, you can do it online, you can do it on some of the bigger websites like Amazon. Then there’s all this talk about building an audience and a platform before you even start writing. And let’s not forget about social media. Yikes!

Forget about everything you thought you knew about publishing. It’s not just about wanting to write a book anymore. It’s about getting familiar with the new face of the publishing process. It’s about learning the inside information on how to get the attention of top publishers and get your manuscript to rise above the piles of ideas already sitting on their desk.

Let me show you how to create a book proposal that will turn the heads of today’s top publishing houses. I can explain to you the many publishing options available to you and why certain ones would be most ideal for your particular area of expertise. I cangive you the tools you need to build a successful platform and market your work to a strong and dedicated audience. I can give you the inside details on how to secure a publishing deal that fits your needs. I can teach you all of this and more because I am one of those publishers you’ve been trying to contact.

But I’m not just any publisher. I don’t keep any secrets. I will tell it like it is. I will share the knowledge I’ve learned in my 40-plus years in the publishing industry and I will teach you everything that I’ve taught to some of the most successful authors in the business.

Let me help you to become a successful author now!

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I Can Do It! 2014 – San Jose

February 1, 2014 -
February 2, 2014

Sponsored by: Hay House
Location: San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

Give yourself the gift of being your best in 2014 and find your way to join us in San Jose at I Can Do It! The only conference dedicated to your mind, body and soul health!


I Can Do It! 2013 – New York

I Can Do It! 2013 - New York

October 26, 2013 -
October 27, 2013

Sponsored by: Hay House
Location: New York City, NY

This is it—the conference you’ve been waiting for!


Divine Love

Divine Love

January 25, 2014 -
January 26, 2014

Sponsored by: Hay House
Location: The Westin Maui Resort & Spa

Divine Love—Life’s Ultimate Experience Reclaiming Your Divinity with Dr. Wayne Dyer - Maui